Pretty Good Codes

This website is largely inspired by the 1998 famous TMO Progress Report Code performance as a function of block size by S. Dolinar, D.Divsalar and F. Pollara. That report has been a fundamental reference for many code designers in the two past decades, providing, besides of a coincise and insightful treatment of finite length performance bounds, a comparison between turbo codes, convolutional codes and short algebraic codes of various lengths. The report was complemented by a remarkable website (maintained by NASA-JPL), including further comparisons with existing coding schemes.

By maintaining this website we hope to keep with the tradition of providing a thorough reference and a benchmark for future research in the field of code design.

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Algebraic Codes

We consider BCH, tail-biting convolutional and other algebraic decoding techniques here.

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LDPC Codes

This LDPC code section considers both standardized (DVB-S2, Wimax, Wifi) and non-standardized LDPC code proposals. Results for non-binary codes are presented as well.

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Turbo Codes

This section deals with results for parallel concatened convolutional codes on both binary and non-binary fields.

Turbo Principle

Polar Codes

This section deals with the latest family of capacity achieving codes.

Polar Transformation